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            • Brisbane (07) 3265 2267
            • salesQLD@www.hintels.com
            • Perth (08) 9456 5537
            • salesWA@www.hintels.com

            Profast are the 狗万平台网址 Solutions experts when it comes to providing the very best in industrial fasteners and products.

            Profast are your specialist partners when it comes to providing the very best in fastening products. Our product range primarily consists of specialist rivets, rivet derivatives, two-piece fasteners, threaded inserts and the associated installation tooling.

            We present our customers with a range of solutions using only the highest quality parts. One of our main points of difference is that we distribute these products as an independent broker rather than as a proprietary distributor.

            Independence allows us to evaluate manufacturers worldwide and offer a stock range that we consider the best of the best. Working this way gives us the ability to offer custom solutions for applications requiring more than just a standard part number.

            Dealing directly with the manufacturer keeps our pricing competitive with larger proprietary companies and their distributors.

            We stock and sell a wide range of quality tooling in addition to a wide range of spare parts to suit. We also have full service and repair facilities on-site as well as a range of tools for hire.


            Nut Inserts
            Nut inserts

            A clever yet simple method of inserting a captive insert into sheet metal, round or square tubes and even extruded aluminium. Widely used by manufacturers of  tubular furniture, switchboards, refrigeration, air-conditioning, and metal  cabinets. Available in steel, stainless steel (304 and 316), and aluminium. Often referred to as a rivnut, nutserts and rivet nuts.

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            Structural Rivets

            Providing extremely high strength, vibration resistance, and rapid installation for any application including those with access to only one side, structural rivets are perfect for a range of applications from heavy duty transport to architectural louvers. Available in steel, aluminium, stainless steel (304 and 316*)
            *Limited products

            Non-Structural Blind Rivets

            Blind rivets can be inserted and fully installed in a joint from only one side of a part or structure. Available in variety of head shapes and materials including aluminium, steel and stainless steel, these versatile and strong rivets offer rapid and permanent fastening.

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            Two Piece Fasteners

            Offering very high strength in shear, tensile and clamp. Lockbolts and their multi-grip versions offer a rapidly installed and easily verified alternative to nuts, bolts and even structural assemblies. After installation they offer a vibration proof join suitable for the most demanding application.

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            Large Diameter Lockbolts

            Large diameter lockbolts offer an exceptionally high strength, two piece swage locking fasteners that can be used with all brands of installation tooling including Avlock®, Gage Bilt®, Huck® and Stanley®. Lockbolts are vibration proof and are an accepted solution for extremely demanding applications in the rail, transport, mining and heavy engineering industries.

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            Asphalt Anchor

            The Asphalt Anchor is specifically designed for use in asphalt surfaces. They’re well suited for a range of applications including attaching curtain barriers and walls, road signs, stands, speed humps, bollards, fencing or any other similar structure that requires direct fastening to asphalt surfaces.

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            Rivet installation tools, nut insert tools
            Installation Tooling

            When it comes to installing rivets, lockbolts and nut-inserts we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We present a range of tools to suit most purposes from jobbing or repair work right through to manufacturing and heavy duty service. We have trialled and field tested tools from most manufacturers and settled on a range of tools that are made to a high standard, easy to use and competitively priced.

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            Rivet installation tools, nut insert tools
            Installation Tool Repairs & Servicing

            When it comes to servicing your installation tooling, Profast is second to none. As an authorised FAR®, GAGE BILT®, AVLOCK® and HONSEL®/VVG® repairer, our technicians are trained overseas at the manufacturers and you can be sure you’ll be getting the fastest turn around on your tooling. Our team is also more than capable of looking at your Gesipa®, Huck®, Avdel®, Lobster® or any other brand of installation tooling.

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            A click away from contacting one of Australia’s fastening experts.

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